PBT resin price revisions announcement


September 4,2018
Chang Chun Plastics(CCP), the global leader in engineering plastic resin industry, today announces to implement a price increase for PBT neat Resin (Polybutylene Terephthalate) to take effect for orders to be shipped from September 25, 2018, or as contract otherwise allows .
The past couples of weeks saw unprecedented price increase for raw materials which has significantly impacted on our production cost of PBT resin.
The price increase will be $250-300 per metric ton to cover a part of increasing cost. Specialty grades may have a higher level of increase than regular grades.
CCP is a leading supplier of PBT neat resin with two state-of-the-art world scale facilities located in Asia - Taiwan and China. It is strategically positioned to supply the expanding demand and support customers located globally.
For further details, please contact CCP’s sales representatives.